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Hi, I’m Jett

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I'm a Product Designer passionate about design systems and intuitive user interface.

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A portrait of Diane Serra

"I had the pleasure of working with Jett during my time as a Project Manager at Studio x. His UX and UI skills are incredibly advanced, his QA abilities are superb and his understanding of client management is at an exceptionally high level. He impressed me time and time again with his level of professionalism when running point on client presentations and can take the lead in managing development teams to deliver on his design concepts. Jett is a dedicated member of any team with the technical and design skills that makes me so excited for his generation of young professionals hitting the job market. Jett is sharp and exceptionally talented. I look forward to witnessing his growth throughout his career path.”

Diane Serra

Project Manager @Studio x
A portrait of Patty Tawadros

"Jett was able to take multiple complex websites from "nothing" to launch; he learned to develop functional specs and manage a developer team in India. Straight out of college"

Patty Tawadros

CEO @ Studio x.
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